How to make your ski day perfect

Are you soon heading out skiing? But you don’t want to feel cold?

Many people invest a lot into the top layer ski clothes, for example gore-tex ski pants and a jacket with several features. But they forget to think about the inner layers, those that are closest to the skin. How about you?

One thing which is key to staying warm and comfortable is having natural materials like merinowool or silk against the skin. During a ski day, you may sometimes develop a sweat, and at other times you may be standing and waiting. If you’re wearing cotton, you will simply stay wet and feel cold very soon. Synthetics are instead less breathable and tend to make you sweat.

The answer is natural materials like merinowool and silk, which keep you warm even when they are humid. They are breathable and optimally regulate the body temperature. We have gathered below our favorite items, which will ensure you will have a perfect ski day.

Go outside and have fun!!! Happy smiles and rosy cheeks, as well as better health and stronger immunity will be your reward!

Base layer

Silk-wool base layer: Adults  unisex silk wool shirt is made of 30% silk, 70% merino. Wonderfully soft and thin, warm and perfect base layer against the skin. Pair up your shirt with silk-wool leggings for women and silk-wool long underpants for men.


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Ruskovilla’s Christmas season is starting now!

The Christmas Season of Ruskovilla starts by getting our Christmas drive going and packing some presents that will hopefully bring a lot of joy and warmth to the children receiving them.

Every year Ruskovilla Switzerland is giving some of our products as a Christmas gift to people in need. This year we are doing this by joining the “Weihnachten im Schuhkarton” initiative, which delivers Christmas presents to poor children around the world. This year’s recipients are in Eastern European countries including Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Montenegro, Poland, North Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Croatia. I was amazed of the scale of this program. Last year they delivered over 10 million Christmas presents!

Ruskovilla’s packages include of course our products. This year we gave warm silk wool shirts and merino mittens to children of different ages.  These are then packed together with some toys and Christmas cookies, to hopefully make a nice surprise and have something warm to wear this winter.

Visit to Ruskovilla in Finland – this is where the magic happens

Last summer we had the opportunity to visit Ruskovilla Headquarters in Artjärvi, Finland. It was amazing to see that it is still possible to produce clothes by hand in Finland.  Everything is done with such precision, care and dedication that just warms the heart.

On a warm summer day, we took the direction to Artjärvi, a small town around 100 km northeast of Helsinki. The workshop of Ruskovilla lies in the middle of a beautiful area with lakes, fields and forests. Ossi and Leena Näkki, the second generation owners of the company, welcomed us warmly. Over coffee and “pulla”, the Finnish cinnamon rolls, we had a chance to share experiences from Finland and Switzerland and think about the future. Continue Reading →

5 reasons why choose the Ruskovilla baby fleece overall

Ruskovilla introduced this baby overall made of merino wool fleece in 2018. Initially we were not sure if it would become popular, but in fact it has become one of our most popular items that has gathered a loyal following among our customers!

Why? This overall is just the perfect warmer for outdoor walks, as well as for taking naps outside. It is excellent to be used on its own for most of the Swiss Fall and Winter months.

5 reasons why choose the Ruskovilla baby fleece overall
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Frau Guggachs Gärtli Sat 29.8. – welcome to the urban pop-up garden in Zurich!

This summer, Frau Gerolds Garten organizes a small Pop-Up Garden called “Frau Guggachs Gärtli” at the Bucheggplatz in Zurich. Come and enjoy the wonderful vibes in this temporary urban garden!

Meet Ruskovilla Switzerland at the market. We will be there as well as many other designers, makers and artists. We are very much looking forward to this event after such a long quiet time!

Please note that due to the corona virus situation, the number of visitors to this market will be limited. Other safety measures will be also put in place (e.g., avoiding use of cash).

Opening: 13:00-18:00 on Saturday 29.8.2020

Location: Brache Guggach (Hofwiesenstrasse 187, 8057 Zürich), near Bucheggplatz
Bus 72/ 83 or 32
Tram 11 and 15
Stop Bucheggplatz or Radiostation

Spring greetings from Ruskovilla

We hope you and your close ones are staying healthy in these difficult times. We at Ruskovilla have cancelled all our Spring events and remain in isolation like so many others. Hopefully the situation will improve soon and we can all look forward to the summer.

As long as we are allowed and if you have the opportunity to do it safely, we warmly recommend going for a nature excursion. There are so many lovely quiet hiking trails and forests where you can breathe the fresh air and hopefully find some peace of mind.

We have been taking the kids into the forest a few times, making a fire and having a picnic lunch. The kids love it and everyone feels better. And if you choose the location carefully, there’s hardly anyone to be seen.

On these hikes we usually wear our classic merino outdoor shirt, currently on offer! This shirt has always been one of our personal favorites and we warmly recommend it for your outdoor excursions. You will love this shirt and use it over and over again! And for further inspiration, check out our Spring seasonal collection.

Stay safe and strong!!

Two years anniversary of Ruskovilla Switzerland!

Two years!!!

It’s now been two years since we started with Ruskovilla Switzerland, taking over the business from the talented and wonderful Annika S. who had built it from scratch here in Switzerland.

We were wondering whether we should take the plunge. And then we decided it’s an opportunity that we cannot miss. And we really love our products!

So many great moments fit in these two years: Meeting with our wonderful customers in many lovely events (the best is seeing a happy customer with our product). Getting to know the strong community of likeminded entrepreneurs and crafters that support each other – other Finns in Switzerland, other Rocking Women in Switzerland, other small businesses, talented handicrafters and designers. Being happy about being able to bring a little piece of Finland to Switzerland. Launching our new webshop. Building new skills. And so forth.

We are endlessly thankful also to our families who have always been very supportive and who have come countless times to help with events and taking care of the kids.

There have been several difficult moments on the way (from IT issues to moments where we starting to lose our faith)… But today we are proud and very happy of where we have gotten so far.

Thank you so much for all your support!! Stay tuned – the story of Ruskovilla Switzerland continues!!


She’s here! (well almost)

Our family is growing! We are getting ready to welcome our second baby, and time seems to just fly by… Our first baby arrived 10 days past due date, and the last weeks seemed to be an endless wait to finally have him in our arms. There was no way the days could go by fast enough. This time, it feels like time is rushing by. It’s a big reassurance that, this time, we know (a bit better) what to prepare for!

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