Why natural materials?

Why natural materials?

Natural fibers

Natural fibers like organic cotton, organic merino wool, pure silk and the combination of silkwool are a healthy, sustainable and responsible choice for undergarments. Ruskovilla garments are free from non felting treatments, fire retardants and other harmful chemicals and our threads have been certified. Our garments are manufactured ethically and ecologically. 

Garments made from natural materials "breathe" and they absorb perspiration and release it into the air creating a natural ventilation system. They feel like a second skin. Synthetic materials are unable to do this and this is the reason why they feel hot and clammy on the skin. 

Environmentally friendly clothing made from pure organic merino wool are the basis of your wellbeing. In addition to merino wool we have added clothing made from silk, organic cotton and a blend of silk and organic merino wool to to the collection. You have a healthy option for all seasons.
When buying our products you are making a good choice, as we are committed to keep you and the planet healthy. All of our materials are certified. 




100% Organic merino wool

* the softest wool type so NO ITCHING!
* is flexible and feels good on the skin
* breathes and does not cause perspiration
* absorbs moisture up to 40% of its own weight without feeling wet
* retains warmth even when damp
* is self-cleaning and naturally fireproof

* Mulesing free, organically grown merino wool
* no moth protection, no superwash treatment used

Wool has been used for as long as 10,000 years. Wool has amazing charecteristics that are to be found in its crimp, elasticity and an ability to absorb moisture which cannot be matched with any man made fibers. The crimp derives from the difference in tension between the ortocortex and paracortex of the main tissue. Products made of crimped wool are porous, enhancing thermal insulation.
The crimp also gives the fibres elasticity and resilience. Because of the elasticity, the insulating properties of wool do not fade with time and use, so it is always warm. Wool does not crease and quickly returns to shape.
Wool is a warm fibre. After absorbing moisture, chemical reactions take place in its fibres. These reactions release heat and make the fibre feel warm against the skin. It can absorb up to 40% of its own weight of moisture without feeling cold or wet. It also does not smell.
The merino wool with fibre thickness less than 20 microns is extremely soft, thin and has long fibers which makes the merino wool non itchy. Being the softest wool of all wool types, merino wool is in most cases also suitable for allergic skin also because wool itself does not contain ingredients to cause allergic reactions.
If woollen underwear itches, it can be placed into a lanolin bath that is treated with a softening wool care agent and its surface will become smooth as velvet. Cotton or silk underwear can be worn under the woollens if your skin is particularly sensitive or allergic to lanolin. The organic merino wool used by Ruskovilla has no moth protection or non-felting treatment so it is safe for even babies.

Airing helps to remove odours. is suitable for machine wash with delicate wool and handwash programs. Wash wool preferably by hand in lukewarm water (30 C).
Our wool is ethically produced organic merino wool ( mulesing free ). The wool is produced in South America: Argentina and Uruguay. There are many aspects included in ecological production e.g. environmental and social factors, which we wish to support by getting our raw material from producers using this method of production. Ruskovilla organic merino wool is produced according to the criteria of IVN (Internationaler Verband der Naturtextilwirtschaft e.V.). The yarn is spun by a german spinnery, and it is certified by IMO (Institute for Marketecology). These ethically produced garments will warm your body and your soul.
More about organic wool: www.naturtextil.com and www.imo.ch

Silk wool 30% / 70%

* luxuriously thin
* warms you without being too hot
* breathes freely and does not make you sweat
* feels amazingly soft on the skin
* absorbs moisture without feeling wet
Silk wool brings the luxury of feeling good into your life. The composition of 30% soft pure silk and 70% warm organic merino wool brings out the best of both of these natural fibers in our undergarments. Silk wool is a soft and comfortably thin material, which is very warm but breaths freely, making it perfect as undergarments. Silk wool garments are great as underwear for mid-seasons and all year round for your sensitive skin.
The merino wool is extremely soft, thin and has long fibers which makes the merino wool non itchy. Being the softest wool of all wool types, merino wool is in most cases also suitable for allergic skin also because wool itself does not contain ingredients to cause allergic reactions.
These properties make the mix of natural silk and organic merino wool especially good for babies and children whose temperature regulation is not yet fully operating.

100% Pure silk 

* 100% pure silk
* light, soft and breathable
* balances temperature very well: warm in cold and cool in hot
* the smooth and flat fibers suit even the most sensitive skin
* absorbs moisture very well without feeling wet
* perfect undergarment even in the summer
* safe textile oeko-tex standard 100
Pure silk is a very warm material, almost comparable to wool, and five times warmer than cotton. Silk fibres retain plenty of air that acts as heat insulation.  Thanks to its fine and light fibres, silk feels cooler than wool and is therefore  also excellent for hot weather. Silk absorbs moisture without feeling wet and works like wool too.
Thank to its fibre’s smoothness and lightness, the surface of silk clothing cools wonderfully the hot skin. Silk consists of the same elements as human skin, therefore it is said to be like "a second skin". Thanks to its ability to neutralize body odour and absorbe moisture without feeling wet, silk is one of the best materials for underwear.
Ruskovilla silk products have not been chemically treated during production and the silk thread we are using has been given the safe textile certificate oeko-tex standard 100. 


Dyes used in our fabrics

The spinnery uses as few synthetic chemicals as possible for dying woollen yarn. The dying process takes place in closed system with the use of reactive dyes causing the fibres to react completly with the dye and preventing the dyes from running. Therefore, reactive dyes are safer option for garments that are in direct contact with the skin.
No crome dyes or heavy metal salts are used in the organic production process. Any harmless auxiliary products that are indispensible in the dyeing process are flushed out in the post-dyeing rinsing process.

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