Dressing Tips

Fall and winter are lovely seasons if you are dressed accordingly. You want to feel warm, dry and comfy. It is all about dressing in layers! Also for the night choose soft and comfy silk or silkwool garments to stay warm, comfy and dry. Perfect for those who don't like duvets. Lets brake it down to 3 different categories:

1. The base layer
2. The mid layer
3. The top layer

It all starts with your base layer. You get this one wrong and it doesnt matter what you have on top, you will feel cold and sweaty.

So lets find out a bit more! Also check out our NATURAL MATERIALS section to find out more about the materials we use.

1. The base layer:

The base layer is the layer against your skin. This has to be soft, warm and comfy. Silk, silk wool and merino wool are perfect as a base layer. They all absorb moisture without feeling wet and they keep you feeling warm and dry. Silkwool is very thin so you can easliy add more layers on top without feeling like you have too much on. Silk is 5 times warmer than cotton and feels so soft on your skin, you won't even really feel you have clothing on. Silk can absorbs moisture without feeling wet and is perfect for people who have sensitive skin or who are allergic to wool. Don't use cotton garments as base layers against the skin outdoors because cotton gets wet easily and it feels cold after. Merino wool is also great as a base layer. It warms nicely, absorbs a lot of moisture without feeling wet, it doesn't smell, and it is also soft on the skin. 

2. The mid layer:

The layer you wear on top of the first layer is called the mid layer. Depending on the temperature outside and your top layer you can choose to wear one or more mid layer. Our organic merino wool overalls, shirts and pants are perfect to be worn as midlayers because they are not too tightly fitted. You have to leave a bit of air in between the layers to stay warm. Merino wool is the warmest material and it absorbs moisture up to 35% of its own weight without feeling wet.

3. The top layer:

This can be whatever you want. In the rain I would choose a waterproof material. In the really cold temperatures you could wear a thick coat and pants or overall. While hiking or doing active sports you can choose for a warm but flexible material as a jacket and pants. The point of this layer is to keep the wind and rain away from your other layers.

For rainboots and winter shoes, remeber to get our insoles made of merinowool and jute! Add a pair of merinowool socks and no more freezing feet for anyone in the family!

The key is that natural fibers all breathe and therefore you can put as many layers as you feel you need and you will still feel comfy and dry. By layering you can also easy adjust the temperature. Take off if too warm, and add on if too cold.