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Ethically and ecologically made comfy and warm clothing for everyone and all seasons 

What is Ruskovilla all about?

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Ruskovilla is all about slow fashion. Eco, ethical and green. And wearing natural clothing that breathe and keep you fresh and comfy in your outdoor activities and in the comfort of your home. We make clothing for newborn babies and for world explorers. Everyone loves comfort and warmth and this is what we are all about.

Ruskovilla garments are made by hand in Finland. In the beautiful, clean countryside, by an amazing and talented team of people who are commited to their work and this planet, since 1981. Sustainability is our priority number 1. 

Silk in Summer, Wool in Winter

Non-itchy organic merino wool, a luxurious knit of pure silk, soft and easy to clean organic cotton and silk wool are used in our collections for babies, children and adults. There has not been used synthetics in the clothing. We make high quality and comfy garments for all activities, seasons and locations. No more itching, sweating or feeling wet and cold.

Care free clothing for your little baby

Newborn babies have very delicate and sensitive skin and they are very fragile to te outside world. We have to do everything we can to keep them comfy.

Every baby should be wearing Ruskovilla garments because they are extremely soft, comfy, warm and they contain no harmful chemicals. All of our clothing breathe, keep your baby dry and warm. Babies’ temperature regulation is still undeveloped and they need to wear natural fibers to help them to stay warm and cool.  

The Ruskovilla baby collection is uncolored and unbleached and has no cheimcals that can irritate your childs skin. We want to surround them with natural fibers that are clean, pure and soft. 

Comfy child is a happy child

Active little explorers spend long periods of times outside finding new adventures and you want to keep them comfy, warm and dry in their clothes for as long as you can.

In addition to being very comfy, organic and natural garments are a healthy option for a young child because no harmful chemicals have been used in the materials that could irritate the skin. Give your child the best option of clothing and let your child do what children do best, learn through playing and having fun in the great outdoors.

Big adventurers love Ruskovilla too

The South Pole, Mount Everest, Mont Blanc, Wadi Rum. These are just a few of the places, our amazing clients have been wearing our undergarments! They have been tested in the harshest environments and they work. Why? Because they are 100% Natural. Synthetics smell, feel cold and uncomfortable and will not keep you warm enough when you really need it. Choose Ruskovilla clothing and layer up depending on the climate and activity with these soft and non-itchy materials. 

Why Ruskovilla?

You and our environment are our priority. We know our suppliers of raw materials, our workers, our factories, our ambassadors, our team and the entire production chain of our clothing. We are among the pioneers of environmentaly friendly clothing manufacturing. And we have always been working in a sustainable way, not just now because it is becoming a trend in the world. Ruskovilla is ecological, ethical, sustainable, comfy and it is for EVERYONE. 

Our materials have the global certifications, GOTS, IVN-best, Oeko-tex and the Finnish certification of origin the Finnish key flag. We are proud to be able to say our materials are one of the cleanest, most ecological ones on the markets! We truly care about you and our environment and do not want our workers to have to work around harmful chemicals either! You don't even have to prewash our clothing before use because they are safe.                                                          

Everyone loves warmth and comfort

Ruskovilla started out with merino clothing for babies, but after we realised what an amazing material it was, the range started slowly growing and we expanded to using other natural fibers as well. Our garments are made of non-itchy organic merino wool, luxuriously soft pure silk, comfy organic cotton and the thin and comfy mix of 30% silk and 70% wool.

Because of the wide range of materials we have, we truly have garments for everyone and every weather. Our baby collection is uncoloured and unbleached and none of our garments contain non-felting treatments (super wash treatment)  or moth repellants. All of the materials are soft, non-itchy, comfy and warm. Even if you have sensitive, even allergic skin, you can use Ruskovilla clothing against your skin because it will not cause any irritation. From babies to active children and world explorers, Ruskovilla is the best brand of clothing you can choose! 

Join us in making a difference to help protect our planet and the amazing places it holds. We want to make sure the future generations will also be able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors like we have. #thefutureisnow

Meet the talented team behind Ruskovilla clothing in Finland #wemakeyourclothing #sustainablefashion #happyteam

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From thread into fabric

Production from raw materials to thread happens in Germany and Switzerland in factories with decades of experience. After the threads are shipped to our factory in Finland where they are woven into fabric in our factory in Finland! 

Designing patterns and cutting fabric

The magic begins with these carefully designed patterns that are used to cut the fabric. We cerfully place the patterns on the fabric to use every bit of fabric we can so there is as little waste as possible. It takes more time for sure, but its worth it! 

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Our manufacturing factory in Artjärvi, Finland

This is our factory and where our amazing team of women are making your clothing! All with unique expertise that ensure the high quality of your hand made clothing! Only top standards are good enough for us. 


Packing and shipping

After the last detail has been checked, the products are packed and shipped to you.

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I am in love with the Ruskovilla garments. My baby boy has had both silk wool and merino wool undergarments and the silk bonnet and we have really loved them all

Cassandra Caheres, Banking and mom of 1

I have over ten years experience of using Merino wool and Silk wool underwear and wool socks in all kind of activities as well as daily life. These products are far the best of anything else I have ever tried. I do strongly recommend to you, if you just want to wear something better in everyday work and activities. They are also great for children to wear when playing outdoors to keep them warm and dry. 

Taito Heiskanen, Entrepeneur and dad of 2

 I have been using Ruskovilla undergarments because of their unique softness and thermal insulation while hiking, climbing, skydiving and base jumping since 2003. I highly recommend them to everyone. I am positive once you try them, you will love them too. 

Joni Kirtola, Engineer and outdoor lover

 I love Ruskovilla, both for the full days out in the mountains skiing or climbing and for the more chill times hanging out, biking or bouldering in the valley. The pure natural fibres of silk and merino wool keep you warm in the cold and cool and fresh in the summer heat and on road trips. The vintage look with natural colours adds to the coolness. 

Elisa Luotonen, Sustainable development at UN, world explorer

 I like my clothes as pure as my food: no articial stuff on them! For me its just as important to buy sustainable clothing. I have 2 kids and we all love Ruskovilla clothing. My newborn girl is so happy with her pure silk outfit, its the softest material I have ever bought her. And my bigger son loves jumping in puddles and running outside, the silk wool pants and shirts are just what we needed to keep him warm and dry under his rain clothes. And mom loves her soft shirts as well! You can't get closer to nature than with these super soft and comfy clothes. 

Anna Nurminen, Sales Manager and mom of 2

 I am just about to buy my second lot of Ruskovilla merino products. Last year, I bought matching long sleeve top and pants sets to use as Pyjamas for my daughter and I - she loved it! I have to say, the quality is incredible. Unlike other merino which wears over time and gets holes, etc - these Ruskovilla sets just went on and on, they are super strong, super warm and super comfortable. #LoveRuskovilla. 

Skye, Brand marketing, mom of 1